Friday, March 9, 2012

Make an offer! (two examples)

In his book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki, a Hawaiian entrepreneur, was suggesting us to make offers everytime, everywhere in our lives. Or that was at least what I understood of it. So let me talk about what I understood of this.

From the words "make an offer" I understand doing something that pushes us out of the safe zone to risky waters of the cold and deep ocean.  This can be asking a question in an auditorium filled with 1000 people, or ringing the doorbell of your first customer or even asking out the girl of your dreams at the age of 13.

So, why risk it? 

By doing that you get the opportunity of increasing your life quality. Isn't it worth it? I can hear some of you saying "There's the risk of being turned down, being ashamed in the public etc.". Lets look from the other side. All those turning downs can be a life experience remember. So you'll never loose, which means there's no risk. Because you get the experience of what to do, how to feel for the next game.

To do that depending on the person you may need some exercises. Well I have written down two of them. Believe that they will help.

First you may start from your age of puberty asking people out. The more you ask you increase the possibility of going out with someone and experience of having a relationship. You may be refused sometimes but those will bring the experience of strong "I don't care" attitude. It is same in life also. You get turned down in business, in relationships etc but if you don't quit and keep on pushing you have more chance than the one who quits for the first time. That's why all the entrepreneurs have good looking partners remember:)

The second exercise needs a little trip from your house for most of you. This time I'm going to ask you to go to Thailand. As soon as you get there go to a street shop to buy a t-shirt with Thai-Boxing figures on it. Before buying the t-shirt always give a price almost half of the selling price. Don't worry because in Thailand street shops bargaining has become some kind of culture. You can read the link to get some idea on how to bargain in Thailand. After doing this couple of times you become an expert at that. Try to do that (maybe not extreme as Thailand) in your country.

With those two easy exercises you can learn how to make an offer. Remember you are offering for your life. After your offer your life changes direction to always better. It is like a bar in high jump. There's a bar in everbody's mind and once we jump over, it is elevated. The higher it is the stronger you are. So try to do more and also different exercises and have a quality life. 

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